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It doesn't always rain here but when it does it smells like success..and coffee.


Intentional Media LLC is a women-owned company located outside of Seattle founded in 2020 amidst the COVID pandemic. Owner and operator Jewel Spencer opened multiple businesses in the past decade which led to the awareness of the lack of tools and resources to serve small businesses and the dreamers in the industry.


There is an immense gap in entrepreneurship and success due to not understanding how those big thinkers can marry planning and action for a consistent build in business. There are many industry secrets that lead to taking massive actions versus letting your ideas fall flat or stopping yourself from moving forward with a business from fear of failure. 


Intentional Media LLC offers a wide range of intuitive services to grow your small business in a meaningful way that helps amplify your passion into profit.


We offer logo design, branding, website development, social media management, business development, and coaching. Creating the foundation with your strengths is essential for you to find success instead of fizzling out after the initial surge of the motivation of running your own business. 


Wise Words from the CEO 
Intentional Media LLC

"Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world.

Risk being seen in all your glory."

Jim Carrey

Shadow on Concrete Wall

"Being an LGBTQ woman in business means I get to create impact from a whole new perspective.


Living my authentic life means I get to explore the way I choose.


I get to create a career out of creating, organizing, and inspiring others--like quoting Jim Carrey. Despite what others say about the ways you 'should' earn a paycheck--I f*cking love what I do and believe in success as an entrepreneur--if you have a plan. 


Yes, a woman can swear in business and be successful."

-Jewel Spencer

CEO, Intentional Media LLC


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